events and presentations

Online Teaching

with Stellenbosch University Business School and UNISA Accounting Faculty in 2021

Asset Management Geneva

Meeting with Dominik Kremer, Managing Director at Unigestion

European Accounting Standards

Attending EFRAG event on sustainability reporting

Integrated Accounting London

With Paul Druckman at IIRC Conference, May 2019

Integrated Reporting in Brief

Interview in the review year of 2020

Integrated investor engagement

Engaging companies with Christopher Quast at De Pury Pictet Turrettini asset management, Geneva, May 2018

Impact Forum Zurich

Debating fintech with Basel Uni Prof Fabian Schaer, November 2018

New Metrics Conference

Address on the future of accounting, Philadelphia, USA, October 2018

Impact Investment with Symbiotics

Teaching sustainable finance at Geneva University with Vincent Dufresne, CFO, Symbiotics, March 2018

IIRC training at Santam, Cape Town

Integrated reporting workshop with Daniel Malan and Vanessa Otto-Mentz, May 2018

IIRC training at Old Mutual, Johannesburg

Integrated reporting workshop with the insurer, Standard Bank and others, May 2018

Meeting @ Thomson Reuters, New York

Convening the 3.0 Accounting Working Group, November 2017

Meeting Arabesque Investment

Old Global Compact colleagues, with Georg Kell in New York, December 2017

The Resource Revolution

Presenting at the World Resources Forum, Geneva, October 2017

Reporting 3.0 Conference May 2017

Accounting Blueprint Introduction

Reporting 3.0 Conference May 2017

Facilitating New Accounting session in Amsterdam including IIRC, SASB, WBCSD, KPMG and EY

WRF Board Meeting

@ Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Zurich, July 2016

Integrated Reporting Training in Johannesburg

Training for IIRC certification at Discovery headquarters, May 2017

Integrated Reporting Training in Sydney

Training for IIRC certification at IAG Insurance, March 2017

Longstanding partners at GRI Conference, May 2016

Catching up with Judy Kuszewski, John Elkington and Bob Massie in Amsterdam

Accountability in Geneva

Momentous occasion with Alan Knight (former AccountAbility) and Mark McCarthy (UN OCHA), February 2017

Resource Revolution Trainer

New MOOC for the World Resources Forum, International Resource Panel and UN Environment

Mentor in Tuscany

Meeting up with Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel, longstanding Director of UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (Paris), autumn 2017

Reporting 3.0 Steering Committee

Meeting in Amsterdam, May 2016 with Sarah Grey (IIRC), Bill Baue and Ralph Thurm of Reporting 3.0, Peter Teuscher and Felipe Arango of BSD Consulting

Business and Circular Economy

Facilitating panel discussion at the World Resources Forum, Davos, October 2015

Integrated thinking, numbers and finance

Open Lecture at IFLAS, Lake District, England, October 2016

Natural Capital workshop in Perth

Co-facilitator Sasha Courville of National Australia Bank (NAB) in ecosystem services valuation training at NAB, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, June 2013

Bottom-of-the-Pyramid Ventures

Panel debate at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, November 2009

GRI Africa Conference, May 2015

Debating with Jon Hanks and others at GRI Conference, presenting Master Class on Materiality

Materialitytracker and DJSI leader disclosures

Interview with new partner eRevalue, London, December 2016

Integrated Reporting Training in Zurich

Training for IIRC certification with BSD Consulting, Sunrise and Givaudan, June 2017

ISO 26000 launch in Brazil

Representing UN Global Compact alongside its executive Georg Kell and WHO’s Marta Seoane, early ISO 26000 negotiations, Salvador, March 2005

Integrated Reporting Training in Cape Town

Training for IIRC certification with BSD Consulting, USB and Incite at Woolworths headquarters, May 2017

UN Environment, Paris 2011

Former UN colleagues Khalida Bouzar (IFAD), Niclas Svenningsen (UNFCCC) and Sylvie Lemmet (French Government)

Harmony Geneva Marathon 2017

Last stretch of the half-marathon, at Pont du Mont-Blanc, May 2017

Global Compact in Australia

Introducing the Compact at Westpac Bank, Sydney, February 2007