I am an independent consultant and researcher specialising in social responsibility, business strategy and the Green Economy. As a strategic advisor and sustainability analyst I work with others in building bridges between finance and sustainability, connecting different communities of expertise world-wide.

Operating from Geneva and Cape Town, I do project work with businesses, research institutions and governmental organisations. I also work with consulting partners based in Paris, Cape Town and Melbourne, complementing my international network of experts and managers in both the non-profit and commercial sectors.

"We would like to bring to your attention the wonderful web platform Cornis has created. As stated on the homepage of Materialitytracker (2015), this site 'is about the difference between the important and the trivial, framed in the context of sustainability'."
Bob Eccles, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School, USA

"His international network and experience in working with sustainability initiatives such as the GRI and ISO26000 is well recognised. I would certainly recommend Cornis for project work related to the  use of ESG criteria in business and investment decision-making."
Tom Rotherham, Director, Hermes Equity Ownership Services Ltd