Greening industry event 
at the UN in New York 2006*

Management and Business Analysis

Working with recognised international experts, I initiate and author normative analysis and guides for business on new approaches in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, covering topics such as integration between financial and sustainability reporting, the business case and strategy, as well as accounting tools for more efficient use of natural resources.
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Industry and Partnership Analysis

I have been involved in a range of international studies on emerging market developments and industry sector trends, including innovative approaches to green manufacturing, green buildings, smart communication technologies and partnering in global value chains to advance new standards. This includes analysis of employment and development impacts.
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Policy and Political Analysis

Linked with analysts and scholars from leading research institutions and think tanks, I continue to participate in collaborative research on business voluntarism, regulation and global governance, with special focus on the role of non-state actors in multilateralism and environmental diplomacy.
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*In discussion with Tom Rotherham of Hermes Equity Ownership Services at a UN business event in New York (2006), involving Jane Nelson of Harvard University, Georg Kell of the UN Global Compact and Christian Brodhag of Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne.